Manage Your Stress Before It Gets Worse

Stress has a signficant affect on an individual. Researchers have done studies for a prolong period to prove that stress can cause a lot of health issues. Stress is very common that everyone experiences it, it can be affecting you and might not show any symptoms. Stress can cause you to lose all your creativity and it can be a challenge for people because people with creativity can have a lot of opportunities offered to them. It can highly affect a person’s health and it can take over their body. There are some positives to stress because not all stress is negative. Getting a job interview to a job you’ve always wanted can cause you positive stress. Learning how to manage your stress is such a key factor in life because it can impact your overall well-being as a person. Stress is something that can be triggered by anything even something so little can cause you to stress. A person stressing is when their body is responding to change.

When going through stress it can affect you psychologically. Mental health is already a big issue to handle on its own and adding stress to it can harm a person because stress can take a lot from a person. Creativity is a main factor that stress can take away because they find it challenging to focus and that is something every person needs. It gives an advantage in the workforce for it helps a person stand out from the crowd. In the peer reviewed journal, it states

“creativity and innovation are key to the success of today’s organization.”

That shows how important it is to not let your stress get to a point where it takes creativity away from you. Stress affects our decisions and how we think. When people are stressed, they limit their thinking to the proven and predictable (Birss, David Open For Ideas 2018). In the 1990’s research was made to examine what the relationship of stress and creativity is and the researchers found that high stress levels of stress let to low levels of creativity. Also, in 2002 Harvard Bussiness Review did a study that included 9,000 diary entries from people who work on creative tasks and they discovered the pressure of stress had causes them to have less creativity. An authore from the diary entries stated

“ when creativity is under the gun it usually ends up getting killed.”

Although stress is revolved around a lot of negative to it, it also has its pros. Positive stress which is known as eustress comes with motivating you to try your best in anything like a job interview you’ve been wanting. Holidays, memorable events, pregnancy, buying a house or car, getting a promotion or your dream job can cause positive stressors. Everyone experiences negative and positive stress in their life but negative stress is what everyone mainly experiences because of negative events that happen. In a person’s everyday life they considered themselves stressed as something negative which in some cases it is not true. An American Addiction Centers Resources did research and in their studies that

“positive stress has the following characteristics: motivates energy but it is short turn, is perceived as within our coping abilities, feels exciting, improves performance.”

Approximately about 60% to 80% doctor visits are related to stress but only 3% seek help to manage it. it is important to take care of yourself because stress can impact your overall well-being as a person. We shouldn’t be a victim of our own thoughts and emotions and learn how to respond and manage stress. Whether the stress you get is big or small it can still affect your body the same way. When you’re trying to juggle everything in life it starts to overwhelm you and you start to stress out and it starts to rob our

“effectiveness and clarity”

it starts to make people make bad decisions because under stress no one can think clearly. When to seek help is when you are accustomed to the stressors that you are mentally numb to it because they have adapted to the pressures they feel on a daily basis. They feel like being annoyed and frustrated on a daily basis is normal because that is what they feel every time they wake up because stress is impairing the mind that is caused by stress. In the HearthMath’s research entries say

“emotion change our heart rhythm patterns.”

Your heart goes through a lot under stressful situations, the rhythms start to change when you feel all types of emotions.

Fight or flight response is the

“acute stress response”

in which an individual reacts in a terrifying situation. The fight or flight reaction is triggered by hormones that have to do with stress and it prepares you to stay and fight the situation or to leave. In the 1920’s Walter Cannon who is an American physiologist described it as a fast reaction when you’re put in a situation you don’t know how to get yourself out you use the fight or flight response. When you are in the fight or flight response you experiences rapid heart and fast breathing, your pupils get dilated and you start to tremble. The response plays an important role on trying to manage stress in dangerous situations because you need to know how to react because stress can cause you to make bad decisions. Your body prepares itself to fight or run away from the threat.

Over the years researchers have done studies and proved that there are many ways stress can affect a person’s health and leave them in critical condition. Although stress is portrayed as a negative concept but not all stress is bad there are some positives to it. Doctors always recommend people to not stress when your health is at risk because it can make the condition worse. In an everyday basis everyone experiences stress because it is very common, because it is a normal thing we need to learn how to manage it. Learning how to manage it can improve your life mentally and physically because we are free from our thoughts and emotions.



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